When you’re in a field that works with things as serious as domestic and sexualt violenece, you should be able to put most of your time and energy towards making a change; not entering numbers and running reports. Coalition Manager can help better manage your time in many different ways, but we put together a list of the five biggest time savers within the system.

  1.       Generate Reports in Minutes

Don’t waste valuable time and effort searching through information to then condense and report it. With Coalition Manager, you can create service reports, member status reports, summarized reports and more in one place. It even stores your previous reports, so you can review them at any time.


  1.       The Easiest Way to Conduct Trainings

Coalition Manager makes both in person and online trainings easier than ever. With online training, the system allows you to create/update lesson plans, add resources (docs, power points) to lessons, create quizzes for individual lessons and can even provide a certificate of completion at the end of any lesson.

In-person trainings are much easier to manage as well. You can create and update training events, control the number of attendees, hold online registration and easily generate attendance reports all in one place.

  1.       Manage Your Members with Ease

Keeping up with your members can take a lot of time and resources. With Coalition Manager, you can create and update member records, provide unique logins to all of your members (they can sign up for trainings, add their staff, etc.), assign different membership options and it creates an automatic member directory for every member entered into the system.

  1.       Your Technical Assistance-Assistant

Technical assistance can mean a lot of information to keep track of. Inside Coalition Manager, there is a place for everything TA to make that as easy as possible. You can create and update projects, view your projects progress and details, and even choose who should be funding that TA.

  1.       You Have Your Own Personal Support Team

Our company knows this software inside and out, and are here to help you when you need it. You won’t be waiting on emails or phone calls from our staff; we have a dedicated support staff that is ready to solve any problem.