Coalition Manager is a custom software designed specifically for the daily tasks and reporting that coalitions generate every day. Domestic and Sexual Violence organizations have had a long history of using multiple programs and platforms for collecting and recording data that make addressing community needs more difficult.  Element 74 is easing that burden for coalitions around the United States by providing an efficient and intuitive system to solve this problem.

Element 74 was first approached by the MOCADSV to help develop an online management platform for their members, which largely consists of domestic and sexual violence organizations across the state. Through this partnership, the software platform has evolved into a full enterprise solution called “Coalition Manager”. Coalition manager, which is a fully cloud based solution, allows data to be collected at both the micro (member agency) and macro level. The data obtained is compiled into a statewide database which allows coalitions to manage their members, track training events, collect outcome data, and generate reports to streamline the grant application process.

In addition to Missouri, State Coalitions in Montana, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin, and South Carolina have the technology and software needed to easily and efficiently manage their everyday needs. Element 74 is proud to aid these organizations and help get them back to what’s important; serving victims of abuse and preventing it in the future.

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