Our Story

The Idea

When Cheryl Robb-Welch began with the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence (MCADSV) in 2002, she saw the Coalition’s need for better data collection methods and a database stronger than Microsoft Access. At that time, data was manually collected and counted, making reporting a laborious process. With saving time and reducing reporting frustration in mind, Cheryl worked with a software development company to create a Monthly Service Reporting (MSR) software module. As MCADSV used the software, new ideas for improvements and other software features blossomed. However, the initial software company decided to move on from the application, and MCADSV was left in need of a new software developer.

Partnership with Element 74

MCADSV reached out to Element 74 in 2012. What began initially as just a new software hosting arrangement eventually grew into a fruitful partnership. Element 74 worked with staff at MCADSV to refine the existing features and then develop new ones to fit the unique needs of domestic violence coalitions. Coalition Manager was reborn.


Through word of mouth, other state coalitions began to show an interest in using Coalition Manager to speed up their workflow, generate more reliable reports, and gather data to better illustrate the value of services provided. In 2015, the Montana Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence became the second state to adopt Coalition Manager. By 2018, 13 states and the District of Columbia were using Coalition Manager software.

Through working directly with multiple state coalitions, even more refinements and ideas came flooding in. This inspired a brand new version of the software, with additional new modules, features, and a modern, mobile-friendly interface. Coalition Manager 2.0 will be launching in 2018, and is truly a software built by coalitions for coalitions.