Like many great things, Coalition Manager started with just an idea. Cheryl Robb Welch, the Executive Director of MCADSV, thought there had to be a better and quicker way to keep track of records and run reports to use for grant writing purposes. They were using countless applications, along with manually counting and keeping paper records for numerous information.

Something had to be done to allow coalition staff members to spend less time worrying about recording, and more time worrying about their mission. Before this idea was brought to Element 74’s attention, another software company, Lanit, started on the beginning aspects of the framework for a system that could help streamline some of the daily tasks coalitions have to achieve. Soon after, Lanit ended up becoming a narrowly tailored company; no longer focussing on projects in this area. So, in 2007, the beginning framework and Cheryl’s ideas were handed over to us to continue the project and make a completely custom software for coalitions everywhere.

From that day forward, Coalition Manager became one of our top priorities and biggest accomplishments to date. We work side by side with every coalition who uses Coalition Manager, and have the ability to customize each software to work better for their needs and special requirements. Every coalition is different, and with our technological background, we can handle any specifications put in front of us!