Solutions for Statewide CASA Coordinating Agencies

Bring all of your data management needs into one system.

Software Features

Just a few of the ways Coalition Manager can support your daily operations.

Online Training

Offer online trainings complete with multiple lessons, quizzes, auto-generated certificates, and more. Trainings can be open year-round or held at a specific time.

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Integrate Trainings with Zoom

Connect Coalition Manager with Zoom to seamlessly sync registration data, plus compile reports after the training that include a record of all attendees’ join/leave times.

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Provide Resources

House all your presentations, documents, videos, and more in one easily accessible place. Allow public access to resources or designate members-only access.

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Create Custom Forms

Build unique data entry forms that also compile your data into combined reports. Create and share custom surveys, training evaluations, reimbursement forms, and more.

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Committed to Partnering with Nonprofits

At Element 74, we have a long history of partnering with nonprofits. Our team has a passion for providing technical solutions for organizations who serve others, and we would be honored to partner with your organization. We understand the challenges that come with supporting member programs, providing educational materials, and advocating for policies that protect children, all while needing to provide quality data for your funders.

Originally, Coalition Manager was developed in a partnership with the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. What began as an in-house system has evolved into a flexible and powerful data management solution. Coalition Manager supports state and national nonprofit organizations across a variety of disciplines all over the U.S. Our team is excited to get to know your organization and help you discover how Coalition Manager can meet your specific data management and reporting needs.

In Good Company

We are proud to partner with statewide CASA programs across the United States.

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Our Team

With years of nonprofit experience themselves, our implementation team is here to help you get the most out of your new software and provide you support along the way.

Angela Lucero, Product Owner

Angela Lucero

Product Owner

Angela has over 25 years of nonprofit experience, including 17 years with the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. She enjoys helping nonprofits better illustrate the work they do by streamlining data collection, which ultimately leads to more funding.

Meghan Rosenkranz, Implementation and Support Specialist

Meghan Rosenkranz

Implementation and Support Specialist

Meghan brings 6 years of experience working with non-profits, most recently specializing in research and evaluation for the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault. She is passionate about helping organizations build capacity and streamline their processes.

Katie Reid, Implementation and Support Specialist

Katie Reid

Implementation and Support Specialist

Katie has over 20 years of experience with prevention and intervention programming, including with the South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. She enjoys helping nonprofits find unique solutions to their various data management needs.

Chris Edmonds, President and CEO

Chris Edmonds

President and CEO

Chris is the founder, President, and CEO of Element 74. He helped foster the vision of Coalition Manager from idea into reality. Chris has a true passion for supporting nonprofits, and he enjoys getting to meet and build relationships with people doing such important work every day.

Pravin Bhandari, Vice President, Software Engineering

Pravin Bhandari

Vice President, Software Engineering

Pravin earned a Master of Science in Applied Computer Science and leads the Coalition Manager development team. He is a strong critical thinker who brings years of experience, enthusiasm, and a passion for problem solving to the development of CM software.

Aruna Tennekoon, Coalition Manager Business Development

Aruna Tennekoon

Application Developer

Aruna earned a Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity and enjoys using his problem-solving skills to tackle new and evolving development challenges. He finds working on Coalition Manager rewarding because the software he’s building supports the daily work of nonprofits.

Steven Sebastian, Application Developer

Steven Sebastian

Application Developer

Steven has 2 years of experience working with Coalition Manager, from feature implementation to website integration to bug fixes. He enjoys seeing how the development work he produces helps empower nonprofits to better assist those in need.

Nisha Shahi, Application Developer

Nisha Shahi

Application Developer

Nisha earned a Master of Science in Applied Computer Science and works on Coalition Manager maintenance and new feature implementation. She enjoys seeing the real-world social impacts her development work has for nonprofits who use Coalition Manager.

Tracey Glenn, Coalition Manager Business Development

Tracey Glenn

Coalition Manager Business Development

Tracey earned a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications. She has many years of experience in business development and consultation. She enjoys introducing nonprofits to Coalition Manager in order to help them streamline their operations and achieve greater success.