Streamline the way you work

With features custom-built for the work of state and national nonprofits, Coalition Manager takes care of all your data management needs.

Contact and Member Management

Manage all your organization's contacts in one place, from members to community partners to donors and more.

Easily designate which contacts should receive certain communications and who can access specific resources. Automate yearly membership renewal and dues collection— members can even pay dues online. With public-facing contacts, create an online directory of member programs that can connect to your existing website.

"We maintain hundreds of contacts and each contact needs to receive certain types of information, from grant information to data collection to service standards policy alerts. Coalition Manager has made that a whole lot easier."

Sarah Conlon Chief Operations Officer, Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence

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In-Person and Online Training

Whether you're hosting training online or in person, an ongoing or one-time event, CM can fully power every aspect of your trainings.

Set up registration, collect fees, create discounts, send reminders, and streamline the attendance check-in process. Once a training is complete, automatically send out attendee surveys and certificates, plus training history is stored for your members. Run comprehensive data reports about your training sessions quickly and accurately.

"Our recent Zoom integration highlights Element 74's commitment to adapting the platform as needs change and our audience grows--our collective desire to find solutions and make them work is genuine."

Katie Hughes Implementation and Support Specialist

Tracking and Reporting

Track Technical Assistance provided to members, partners, and the community, then seamlessly generate comprehensive reports that highlight your impact.

Data field labels are configurable so you can match what information is needed for your specific funding reports. Run comprehensive reports across all staff based on member name, funding source, date, and more. Analyze trends, discover insights, and illustrate the full scope of your work to stakeholders.

"The flexibility to modify all the reporting pages has allowed me to track everything in one place. I was able to merge our monthly reports, annual reports, and weekly reports into one system and much less paperwork."

Megan Walradth Coordinator, Central Region Prevention Resource Center Prevention Network

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Form Builder

Eliminate paper records by building custom digital forms that can be used both internally and with members and the community.

Create custom surveys, training evaluations, reimbursement forms, time-off requests, capture digital signatures, and much more. Easily compile accurate reports based off the data collected. You can even connect a custom form to your Training module to automatically send out surveys once a training event is complete.

"After data is collected, Form Builder's reporting feature performs calculations automatically, allowing you to see a breakdown of the responses you gathered. Pie charts, bar graphs, and percentage rundowns help you see the full picture at a glance."

Pravin Bhandari Lead Application Developer

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