Coalition Manager

Coalition Manager is a web based data management system created by MCADSV to track the technical assistance, training, member management, and collaborative work of coalitions. The software is easy to use, customizable, and puts all of your organization’s data in one place.

Element 74, who is our technical partner, has a team who is extremely responsive, understands the work of coalitions, and can customize the system to fit your individual needs.  

Coalition Manager is a fully integrated solution that offers the unique capability to gather, manage and analyze the activities of statewide coalitions.

Key Benefits

  • One report can provide supervisors with everything they need to know about current staff activities;
  • Federal grant reporting used to take days, now it only takes hours;
  • One data system that can track and manage member programs, donors, funders, and collaborative partners;
  • Streamlines and creates efficiencies in reporting and evaluation processes;
  • Helps identify trends in services to promote efficient and responsive planning; and
  • The only data system that was specifically designed by a state coalitions for state coalitions that captures the unique activities of state coalitions!

Core Modules

Member Management

Create/Update member records that connect to an online directory.   Create unique logins for members, assign different membership options and level of access. Print mailing labels according to membership type. While this category is focused on “member management,” non-member/user categories could be set up so you are able manage contact information of other groups of people.

Technical Assistance

Staff can quickly enter technical assistance provided and generate reports based on date range, funding source, type of assistance, organization served and more.  Administrators have the ability to manage several of the data elements without having to contact the programmer.  Reminders let staff know if reports are still pending.  

Project Activity Reports

Staff can create/update projects and generate reports based on date range, funding source, project type, organization served and more.


Setup in person training events so members can register on their own.  Generate reports based on profession of attendees, content of training, date range, and who provided the training. Create online trainings with resources, hyperlinks, quizzes, evaluations and certificates of completion.  Members/users will be able to run their own training attendance reports based on date range for both in person and online trainings.  

Monthly Service Reports

Members/Service providers are able to enter their own service statistics which are compiled quickly and easily. Coalition staff can generate reports based on date ranges, service provider, regions, state and service category.  Coalition staff can see at a glance who has submitted reports and who has reports missing.


Upload publications and resources that are available to members only.